Cancer treatments invariably induces chronic inflammation coupled with immune suppression, which leads to debilitating side effects, secondary malignancies often results in a more aggressive metastatic recurrences.

Anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory interventions are imperative to the treatment protocols for better outcomes. Clinically proven curcumin based onco-nutrition plays a vital role in advanced cancer care.

What we do

Oncocur endeavours to bring the medicinal benefits of curcumin for cancer patients through advanced bio-nano technologies. We are a cancer care research enterprise with a focus on bio-active nano-nutraceuticals to complement the standard of care and palliative care. Clinically proven therapeutic grade nano-curcumin plays a vital role in onco-nutrition for advanced cancer care.

Cancer Treatment Tantra- Think inclusive but act local!

Curcumin exhibits multi-functional anti-cancer and cancer care properties for most of the cancer types and stages however limited by pharmacological requirements due to poor bio-availability and rapid metabolism. To over come, we develop and test bio-nano formulations to bring the effective benefits of curcumin to cancer patients.

Kills Cancer Stem Cells

Anti- Inflammation

Tumor reduction

Immune Modulation

Metastasis Attenuation

Targets multi- drug resistance

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