Oncocur is a nano- curcumin based onco-nutraceuticals company focuses on developing innovative and potent formulations for cancer care and management. Our novel and indispensable nano-curcumin adjuvants play a pivotal role in empowering primary cancer treatment tolerance and efficacy.

Why Onco-nutrition

Cancer treatments whether it is chemo, radiation or surgery causes immune suppression through an inflammatory response in the tumor or surrounding tissue that can promote regrowth. Patients suffer with debilitating side effects during treatment and constant fear relapses after the treatment. Employing clinically tested anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer nutraceutic supplements during or after cancer treatment could reduce the side effects and risk of recurrence.

Our Vision

We aspire to become world’s first and leading onco-nutraceuticals company for developing innovative curcumin cancer care products to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Our Mission

To produce proven, unique and tested bioavailable nano-curcumin based over the counter adjuvant drugs for various levels of cancer care such as side effects tolerance, relapse management and palliative care.

Our Strengths

The core competency of the organisation comes from our both deeper and broader understanding of the technology and markets combined with the vast industry and research experience with global exposure. Promoted and executed by a team of passionate individuals who believe in open innovation and development of new business paradigms in global health care and clean technologies.

The Catalyst nano

Dr.Vijay Kanuru, Founder and CEO of Oncocur India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. ONCOCUR, a world’s first onco-nutrition company, develops therapeutic grade curcumin based nutritional interventions for cancer care management and treatment. Dr. Kanuru is one of the world’s leading authorities on emerging class of novel nano-nutraceuticals for innovative cancer treatments. He did his PhD from the University of Cambridge subsequent post doctoral studies at Cornell and Stanford Universities, USA. He also served as the Board of Directors of the Gates Cambridge Alumni Association at the University of Cambridge.

Dr.Vijay Kanuru is perhaps the first among those early nanoscientists turned bio-nanotech entrepreneurs focused on translational research to bring the medicinal benefits of highly disruptive nano-Curcumin based nutraceutic interventions for Secondary and Palliative Cancer Care. He has nearly a decade of experience in technoprenuership, nano-formulations, product innovation, management strategy, technology execution, and market validation of nano-biotech products. He is the recipient of prestigious scholarships such as Gates Cambridge Scholarship, UK and DAAD- Hemholtz fellowships Germany and also awarded Lowry Prize at Cambridge for his doctoral work.