A nano-bio tech led onco-nutraceutics  enterprise that aims to deliver growth and value to share holders through the development of safe and highly effective nano-nutraceutic intreventions for cancer care. Cancer is no longer a rare disease and recent years it has become epidemic. Cancer is large group of diseases has origins from genetic, pathogenic, environmental ,lifestyle and the recent are drug induced. There is an urgent need for safer, effective and more importantly affordable drugs for each cancer and stages. Variety of synthetic, radiation and  biologic drugs have been approved by FDA in the recent years however most of them are non-selective and prone to have serious side effects more importantly becoming cause of recurrence

Curcumin is a safe molecule and well known for its  anti-cancer potential however suffers from poor bioavailability. To overcome its bioavailability limitations , we are employing bio-nano technologies our proprietary nutraceutical formulations to exploit its therapeutic benefits. Our superior and clinically tested  nano-Curcumin as an adjuvant offers numerous cancer care benefits.

To harness true oncological potential of curcumin we will be deploying advanced nano- drug delivery methods coupled with theranostic techniques which enables targeted delivery with greater pharmacological potency for faster treatments without any side effects. We evaluate these novel phyto pharma drug targets  by means of adaptive clinical protocols for rapid screening of candidates to reduce the testing time and investment costs more importantly to bring these new developments sooner to market for benefit of patients as compared to decades of regulatory approval times required for synthetic drugs.

This revolutionary approaches offers massive investment opportunity in the area of Curcumin based therapeutic nutraceuticals and nanopharmaceuticals


We believe in co- creation and recognise collaborations are essential to drive innovation. We are keen to explore and happy to hear from you about potential opportunities of collaborations and joint ventures from Industry, academia, organisations, investors throughout the value chain.