BRECAN Plus is an essential cancer care supplement for cancer patients whether it is treating the debilitating side effects or improving the outcomes of standard chemo-radiation therapies.

Proven by science

This patented and clinically validated formula has been developed  by a leading Cambridge nano scientist Dr.Vijay Kanuru’s after more than a decade of  R&D efforts using proprietary processes and rigorous testing to bring new discoveries to life for saving millions of lives and longevity.

Product Details

Bio- Effective Nano-Curcumin
Clinically validated formulation
Proven Benefits
GMP Certified Facility
Tested for Safety, Purity, Potency
No Harmful Chemicals

How its made

An assorted high curcumin turmeric variety in dried form has been sourced from Turmeric City, Salem nestled in the pristine western Ghats. Curcuminoids has been extracted, isolated, purified and standardised using solvent extraction process. Subsequently standardised curcumin was procured and converted into nanoparticles then graduated by spray dried methods. Later on formulated with food grade ingredients excipients for stability and calibration for pharmacopic dosage. Lastly thus potentiated formula has been encapsulated into vegetarian cellulose capsules.


Sakshi Kapoor

Age 38

Problem: Gyne – irregular periods, heavy bleeding cramps

Treatment: brecan , Omcur and Harita

Improvement: regular periods, lesser bleeding and reduction in pain

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Emergence of nano herbal drugs!

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Tackling cancer with nano-drugs

Nanoparticles can penetrate any site of the body, even neurons. It means we can deliver drugs straight to cancer cells so the healthy cells are not affected.


Cancer and Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy causes systemic and local inflammation, which triggers numerous side effects. Clinically proven anti-inflammatory BRECAN capsules would not only help in reducing side effects and more tolerance towards chemo and radiation cycles.

BRECAN Plus is an unique patented medical grade cancer care formula , renders maximum anti-cancerous benefits of indispensable  Curcumin powered by nano-biotechnologies. It has been further fortified with Vitamin D3  for advanced cancer care.

Any cancer patient can avail the benefit, since it is having strong anti-cancer and oncolytic properties.

Scientifically Tested and Clinically proven BRECAN Plus comes with GMP certificate and  mandatory FSSAI license issued by Food & Drug Administration of India .

One can observe  the onset of symptomatic improvement with in  a week to few weeks , while exact results may vary from person to person.

Our research studies showed anti-cancer activity to majority of cancer cells apart from numerous anti-tumor benefits.

BRECAN Plus is an over the counter medication hence prescription is not required.

Integrative Cancer Care Kit is designed and developed exclusively for cancer patients to take care of numerous shortcomings and  bridge the gaps of standard cancer treatments.

Yes with nominal charges . Please email for terms and conditions.

BRECAN plus is a safe for all the groups and it has been extensively tested scientifically and clinically. It has made a difference to the over a thousand cancer patients .

Yes it would help in improving the outcomes and quality of life. It’s proven to be safe by toxicity studies and has rigorous cancer research

Yes, BRECAN+ can be used with blood thinners but blood thinner drug dosage can be reduced because curcumin is a natural blood thinner.

Yes, it is a patent pending nano-biotech invention.

One can experience the difference in improving the symptoms like pain reduction, reduction of fatigue within a week typically, however for the clinical benefits can be seen between 30-60 days subjected to severity of conditions.

Disclaimer: The statements are based one the research articles published but not evaluated by any drug regulatory authorities. This does not give any guarantee to treat, cure or prevent any disease.